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Book and Audio CDs Teaching More than 100 Methods of Back Pain Relief

One Book With Two Instructional Audio CDs Teaching Over One Hundred Physical, Mental and Nutritional Means of Pain Relief.

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Reader Praise:

P.C. "There is a terrific book/CD program available entitled: Back Pain Relief: The Ultimate Guide.
The authors combine text with CD audio guides to give the back pain patient a path to pain free living. They explore the mind/body connection and allow you to design a program for your own self-healing. One of the authors, Christine A. Opie is a Certified Master Hypnotist and her soothing voice literally initiates a form of self-hypnosis you can utilize immediately. She speaks on both the CD's 'The Mental Means of Pain Relief' and 'The Physical Means of Pain Relief'...Together, this is an unbeatable team...Information was gleaned from a vast resource with an extensive bibliography. The co-author, Robert H. Miller, Esq. WAS A CHRONIC BACK PAIN SUFFERER who utilized this program and is now pain free and enjoying his life again. I recommend this program to anyone out there who suffers low back pain (or any other pain for that matter)....I have been diagnosed with herniated disc in L4/5 S1 area and in very little time have used this program to better myself with the aid of traditional Neurology Physicians and Physical Therapy...NOTHING BEATS THIS PROGRAM. It is all inclusive and very comprehensive. E-mail me for information on getting the package if you are serious about relieving your pain.
Just passing along a good thing!"

R.H., Tulsa, OK "Prior to receipt of your book I was only able to walk less than 100 feet without severe back and leg pain. After adopting the warm-up and stretching program in the book, I am now able to walk a half a mile with no pain."

P.L., United Kingdom "Dear Mr. Miller, It is with pleasure, I am replying to your enquiry, your back pain relief CDs, were the the first step to my near perfect recovery, after spending a lot of time using pain killers and seeing different doctors and specialists, I was desperate and was even considering radical surgery with no guarantee of good results and at a cost of £4000,00, pounds this seemed to be the only way of getting any relief at all from the constant pain of two burst discs in my back. I was skeptical with regard to your products claims but willing to try. Sure enough it was no instant cure, but your book and the two audio CDs helped me see the problem and overcome it. It was very big step back to recovery. I am now back enjoying sports and everyday life something which I had serious doubts of ever doing. I would recommend your back pain relief product without hesitation."

D.P., Alexandria, VA " The holistic approach spelled out in your book makes a lot of sense for those like me who had severe back and leg pain. The information and techniques I was able to learn from the book has enabled me to successfully manage my pain and reduce it by 95%.... Thanks again."

K.R., Hull, MA "Excellent book-really helped me with my back pain. ...I have an arsenal of techniques for relief and donít feel like a victim."

J.A., Carlsbad, NM "The book is good...I am trying alternative methods rather than surgery."

L.K. Salt Lake City, UT "Hi! I have enjoyed the Back Pain Book a lot, the relaxation, meditation CD's are my favorite, as well as the stretching exercises. I think the most important thing for me has been to view the pain process with alternative answers, other than drugs, and the benefits all around from working with prayer, meditation, etc. Thanks it's a great book."

W.R. "... For the average back pain sufferer, however, your book pretty much covers, and covers very well, the complete spectrum of methodologies for coping with discomfort.  It is certain to be of benefit to open-minded individuals who are possessed of enough determination to apply any of the various techniques with diligence."

Elisa "... As to how the book and CD helped, I would say it is mostly with the exercises and pinpointing various areas that should be given attention. The CD and book work together is a very constructive manner. Several times I have fallen asleep (I was doing the exercises before bedtime) doing exercises with the CD on. The voice is very relaxing.

Also the mind-body connection is very important and this is delved into. Perhaps this is the most important of all."

M.V., Portland, TX "I'm 41. After putting up with back pain from a bulging disk for more than a year, I decided to get on the internet and find useful insight from others who had back pain. I came across your book and I ordered it right away. I must admit that I never read the entire book, but I did glean enough information that helped me begin the healing process.

Before getting the book I tried everything the doctors and physical therapists prescribed me. I faithfully did the exercises. I took anti-inflammatory medications, muscle relaxers and pain pills for more than a year. I had two epidural steroid injections. I was very stressed out and depressed.

Before the injury, I attended four aerobics and muscle toning classes every week. I was in very good physical condition. I couldn't believe the orthopedic doctor was discussing surgery with me! My injury came from leaning over to tie my shoe!

The book suggested relaxing, some specific exercises, spiritual awareness, faith, and closeness with the family in order to begin the healing process. This made a lot of sense to me so I tried it.

About the same time, and at the recommendation of my doctor, I went to a neurosurgeon for an opinion who sent me to yet another physical therapist. Religiously, I did the exercises and slowly began to improve. I started lap swimming at the YMCA again and later joined a water aerobics class. I continued to improve over time and my limitations became less and less.

In August it will be three years since I injured myself. Today, I practice yoga once a week, attend water aerobics 2-3 times and attend a muscle toning class about twice a week. My depression is gone and my life is back to normal. I have found I must stretch everyday or I will have little reminders in my lower back. It's not pain, just a small twinge.

I really believe the book helped me and along with my persistence with physical therapy and other regular exercise, that over time I am back to myself again.

Thank you for your follow up and good luck on your next book!"

G.C. "I spent several weeks over one summer reading through your book, and I found it to be very useful. I have lent it out to several of my friends, and they have also benefited from it. The book gave me techniques for avoiding back problems and for dealing with the problems when they arose. It was a smart investment on my part. The two CD's are great. I use them every now and then - whether my back is bad or not. They are great relaxers. I'm looking forward to the CD's you are sending."

P.C. Canterbury, CT "As a Letter Carrier for the U.S. Postal Service, the wear-and-tear on the body of carrying a sack of mail weighing 35 lbs. for 11 years resulted in herniated lumbar vertebral disks in the L-4/5 L-4/S-1 area of my lower back.

I had been attended to by both Orthopedic Surgeons and Neurosurgeons. The treatments consisted of physical therapy and a series of Cortisone injections into the vertebral space surrounding the disk(s).... Although this provided some relief, I was unable to pursue my sport of golfing for several years.

Your book, and CD's have been instrumental in my being able to resume my love of the sport of golf with an ease of pain unsurpassed prior to the use of your program. Thank You!

The most beneficial part of the Program for me was Christine's soothing voice in the "Mental Means of Back Relief" contained in the program. I found that using the meditative qualities of the program were amazingly successful. I was literally a new man afterwards and it also gave me a general feeling of well-being. Mind/Body concepts were familiar to me from the work of Dr. Deepak CHOPRA.

I would heartily recommend your program for the "working man's" back-pain. My colleagues in the Postal Service have used some of the techniques in your material with equally superior results.

Thank you for utilizing the success you found in your own treatment to spread the Gospel of pain-relief to the masses in need of alternative means of pain relief. I am indebted to you and Ms. Opie."

B.N. Bar Harbor, ME "Your book, Back Pain Relief: The Ultimate Guide was pivotal in my overcoming the most debilitating pain that I have ever had. When I purchased your book and 2 audio CD set I was at whit's end. I had daily chronic pain and could not sleep more than three hours at night. Often I would have muscle spasms that would curl me into a fetal position for days. The first relief came from knowing that you had been through a similar experience and found a mix of therapies to address the problem. I found the audio CD very useful. I learned to control the pain through self hypnosis. From the book I learned about body awareness and thereby relaxed muscle before they started to spasm.

The final solution came when a massage therapist said she did movement therapy and I asked her about Feldenkrais. I had just read about it in your book. I recommended the book to two chiropractors that I believe now recommend it to there clients. I also thought the social, psychological sections were fantastic. I am now pain free after 2 years of pain!

In summation I think your book is the most important work to come out in the area of chronic back pain.

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