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Book and Audio CDs Teaching More than 100 Methods of Back Pain Relief

One Book With Two Instructional Audio CDs Teaching Over One Hundred Physical, Mental and Nutritional Means of Pain Relief.

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Using the Internet & AOL To Obtain More Information on Back and Chronic Pain

A home computer with a modem opens up the world of online resources for further information on relieving back pain. The Internet contains a massive amount of information on relieving back pain. Follow these simple techniques to open the world of the super information highway.

By typing in any of the following words or phrases on any of the Internet search engines such as Google, you will discover numerous sites and valuable pain relief information: chronic pain, pain management, back pain and back pain relief.

  • View and print important information on the selected pages.

  • Additionally, you can read and post messages in the Usenet section of the Internet in news groups such as misc.health.alternative and alt.support.chronic-pain. America On Line, in its Health Forum, contains a comprehensive section on pain relief. In addition to articles on back pain, chronic pain and holistic alternatives to dealing with pain, there are excellent discussion groups on these issues. Through the posting of messages relating to back pain you will be able to dialogue with others who have chronic back pain. No doubt they will provide further suggestions to assist you in managing pain. Check out their software library also to discover a number of special program and books covering natural alternatives for pain relief.

  • Links To Other Pain Management Sites on the Web

    The Internet contains a vast amount of information on pain management, chronic pain and back pain. Select the name of the site for important information regarding pain management and links to more sites.

    American Chronic Pain Association An excellent site featuring an in depth discussion on chronic pain
    All About Health Many articles on pain related issues.
    Barefoot Doctors Excellent articles on pain management.
    Partners Against Pain Lay site discussing all issues related to chronic pain.
    Pain On Line Good lay discussion of pain issues.
    Alternative Health Home Page Award winning comprehensive site on alternative medicine.
    Feldenkrais Method Home Page Comprehensive site on the Feldenkrais Method.

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