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Frequently Asked Questions

Book and Audio CDs Teaching More than 100 Methods of Back Pain Relief

One Book With Two Instructional Audio CDs Teaching Over One Hundred Physical, Mental and Nutritional Means of Pain Relief.

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Why is this called the Ultimate Guide?

Back Pain Relief: The Ultimate Guide, a 304 page book and 2 audio CD package, is a comprehensive pain management program not found elsewhere. It features over 100 mental, physical and nutritional means of back pain relief.

Why will this book/2 audio CD package reduce, relieve or eliminate back, hip, buttocks and leg pain?

Drawn from over 1.5 years of treatment at the Stanford University Medical Center Pain Management Service, extensive complementary medicine treatments, and over 500 hours of education of Author Robert Miller in holistic health and kinesiology.

Features over 100 physical, mental and nutritional means of pain relief explained in simple, easy to understand language with extensive illustrations.

Two audio CDs with verbal instructions and appropriate music lead the reader through important pain relief methods.

There are three recommended pain management programs allowing the reader to tailor a plan to their specific needs. These programs change the readerís attitude towards pain, strengthen muscles and make them more flexible and teach the latest and cutting edge techniques used daily in pain clinics and holistic medicine centers. The reader will become a master of the pain, instead of its victim, and will return to a full functioning life.

What pain management skills will the reader learn?

Goal Setting & Accomplishment- The Best Back Pain Relief Exercises- Yoga & Medication- Acupressure & Reflexology- Self Hypnosis & Visualization- Positive Thinking & Affirmations- Using Humor & Music for Pain Relief- How To Deal With Stressors & Emotions Causing Back Pain- Proper Body Forum- Techniques to Uncontract Muscles- Self Massage for Pain Relief- Vibration, Electrical Stimulation, & Aromatherapy for Pain Relief- Methods to Use Ice, Heat, Herbal & Salt Baths, Compresses, Salves & Ointments for Pain Relief- Feldenkrais & Somatics Movements for Pain Relief and The Best Nutritional Supplements for Pain Relief.

How long will it take for the reader to experience results?

A steady regimen, using a combination of techniques, may bring significant results in a few weeks. As with any pain management program, patience and persistence are important.

Has this book/2 audio CD package been endorsed & how will it be updated?

Dr. William Brose, Founder & Former Director of the Stanford University Medical Center Pain Management Service, wrote the foreword to the book. Other professionals in the pain management field have also praised the book. Additionally, the book was an alternate selection of the Book of the Month Club, the Quality Trade Paperback Book Club, and the One Spirit Book Club.

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