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About The Book

Book and Audio CDs Teaching More than 100 Methods of Back Pain Relief

One Book With Two Instructional Audio CDs Teaching Over One Hundred Physical, Mental and Nutritional Means of Pain Relief.

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This unique 304-page book / 2-CD package is the result of one back pain suffererís quest for relief. Drawn from his successful treatment at the Stanford University Medical Centerís Pain Management Service, as well as the authorís voluminous research into and experience with holistic health back pain relief techniques, this book offers a comprehensive pain management program not found elsewhere and puts a vast amount of pain relief information at the readerís fingertips.  Clear instructions, many illustrations, and an audio "coach" guide the reader to learn the most effective mental and physical means of back pain relief.

Why This Program is Unique

  1. It is written from the authorís own perspective as a back pain patient who has transcended his back pain problem through the programs and techniques outlined in this book/CD package.
  2. It is drawn in part from the authorís treatment at the Stanford University Medical Centerís Pain Management Service and based upon the authorís extensive education in and research into holistic health pain relief techniques.
  3. Written in easy-to-understand language, the book contains numerous illustrations.
  4. Two audio CDs with clear instructions and appropriate music coach the reader through learning and practicing the physical and mental pain relief techniques.
  5. There are three recommended programs: a long form, short form and design-your-own, allowing the reader to tailor a pain relief plan to specific needs. The programs are integrated and combine all elements of successful pain management strategies.

How These Programs Can Reduce or Eliminate Your Back Pain

  1. Your attitude towards pain will be changed.
  2. Your muscles will be made more flexible and stronger.
  3. You will learn the physical and mental means of pain relief.
  4. You will begin to develop interests and a life program through goal setting and accomplishment.
  5. You will learn the primary causes of pain and ways to deal with the causes.
  6. You will become the master of your pain, rather than its victim

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