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Audio CDs

Book and Audio CDs Teaching More than 100 Methods of Back Pain Relief

One Book With Two Instructional Audio CDs Teaching Over One Hundred Physical, Mental and Nutritional Means of Pain Relief.

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The Audio CDs, with narration and original music, greatly accelerate the learning of many of the pain relieving techniques and enable you to use them without reference back to the book.

The two Audio CDs that accompany this book, which are not available anywhere else, will greatly accelerate the learning process in mastering the mental and physical means of pain relief discussed in the book and will enhance their effectiveness. With original music and narration, this audio coach insures that the pain relief skills are learned easily and successfully.

Contents of the CDs

CD #1 (72 minutes) - The Mental Means of Pain Relief

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Eye fixation (hypnosis)
  • Waves of Relaxation (hypnosis)
  • Complete Induction (hypnosis)
  • Lemon Visualization
  • Body Visualization
  • Image of Your Pain (visualization)
  • Pain Relief Imagery
  • Breath Awareness Practice
  • Breathing with Affirmations
  • Meditation
  • Laughter

  • CD #2 (72 minutes) - The Physical Means of Pain Relief

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Warm-up
  • Special Strengthening
  • Introduction to Weights
  • Strengthening with Weights
  • Stretching
  • Back Exercises
  • Feldenkrais Workout
  • Somatics Workout
  • Yoga Routine
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