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Alternative Medicine Techniques

Book and Audio CDs Teaching More than 100 Methods of Back Pain Relief

One Book With Two Instructional Audio CDs Teaching Over One Hundred Physical, Mental and Nutritional Means of Pain Relief.

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Listed below in alphabetical order are effective alternative medicine techniques that may be useful in reducing and relieving acute and chronic back pain. Most of them are discussed in Back Pain Relief: The Ultimate Guide.

Acupressure - In reflexology and acupressure, the fingers and thumbs are used to exert pressure on various parts of the body to relieve pain and promote healing. The main difference between the two is in theory and technique, but for all practical purposes they can be used together for back pain relief and associated anxiety and depression.
Alexander Technique -
A form of movement therapy where practitioners instruct on proper posture, coordination, and muscle balance. Efficient methods of sitting, standing, walking, and proper posture are taught. Generally effective in back pain relief as it teacher proper posture.
Alternative Medicine -
The use of various therapies such as acupuncture and reflexology which use natural means for treatment.
Aromatherapy -
involves the use of essential oils obtained from herbs, plants, and flowers to treat numerous diseases and painful conditions.
Ayurvedic Medicine -
An ancient system of medicine from India, which emphasizes proper nutrition, massage, meditation, and natural medication.
Biofeedback -
Utilizing sensitive machines, patients see the effects of muscle tension and learn to relax muscle systems.
Bodywork -
A general term that relates to a wide variety of hands-on therapies, such as massage and some movement therapies.
Breath Work -
The general term that describes numerous techniques relating to different breathing patterns to relieve stress and pain.
Chinese Medicine -
The general term to describe the numerous techniques utilized in China to heal bodily ailments. These may include massage, herbs, acupuncture, Qi Gong.
Chiropractic -
A therapy which emphasizes proper alignment of the spine.
Cranio-sacral Therapy -
A manual therapy focusing on manipulation of the bones in the skull and sacrum.
Feldenkrais -
A movement therapy, was developed by Moshe Feldenkrais, an Israeli physicist, who hurt his knees in his early thirties.
Hypnotherapy -
A method of direct communication with the subconscious mind that may facilitate attitudinal changes.
Kinesiology -
The study of muscles and their relation to movement and pain relief.
Lymph Drainage Therapy -
A therapy that emphasizes the movement and drainage of lymph in the body.
Magnetic Therapy -
Utilization of magnets to treat numerous conditions. Particularly effective for circulatory problems.
Massage Therapy -
A general term to describe various bodywork techniques.
Meditation -
A general term for numerous practices where one focuses awareness on one thing such as breath or a short phrase in order to quiet the mind.
Myofacial Release -
Referred pain caused by trigger points, or hard nodules in muscle tissue.
Network Chiropractic -
A chiropractic method that emphasizes gentle adjustment techniques.
Osteopathic Medicine -
Particular attention is paid to muscles, joints, bones, and nerves through defined osteopathic manipulations.
Polarity Therapy -
Practitioners utilize touch techniques to balance a flow of energy in the body.
Reflexology -
A method of massage that relieves nervous tension through the application of finger pressure, especially to the feet.
Reiki -
A hands-on stress reduction and relaxation technique that may be very effective for chronic pain. Brought to the US from Japan in the 1930's, this is an ancient method by which healing energy is transferred to a person by the light placing of the hands on various parts of the body.
Shiastu Massage -
A Japanese massage technique that balances energy throughout the body.
Somatics -
An outgrowth of Feldenkrais, is a movement therapy developed by Thomas Hanna. Like Feldenkrais, it teaches body awareness and how our bodies move and work, and through various exercises, to move more naturally. It is highly effective in controlling back pain.
Stress Management -
A wide variety of techniques that are utilized to treat the physical and emotional effects of stress.
Swedish Massage -
A form of bodywork that uses relaxing strokes to increase circulation of blood and lymph.
Tai Chi -
A martial art that emphasizes gentle movements. Highly effective for stress and pain relief.
Therapeutic Touch -
Generally practiced by registered nurses. A person’s energy field is adjusted and balanced by the placement of hands on various positions on the body.
Touch for Health -
Applied kinesiology techniques that balance the body’s energy through a system of muscle testing and various massage techniques.
Trager Bodywork -
A movement education approach developed by Dr. Milton Trager for the purpose of releasing muscle tension.
Trigger Point Therapy -
The application of pressure on tender trigger points in the muscles to relieve pain and tension.
Visualization & Imagery -
The use of images in the mind’s eye to overcome physical and mental ailments.
Yoga -
A gentle exercise system consisting of numerous stretching movements that is extremely helpful in healing.
Yoga Therapy -
The use of various Yoga postures to deal with various mental and physical problems.

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