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Proven Relief for Back and Sciatica Pain

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Book and Audio CDs Teaching More than 100 Methods of Back Pain Relief

» Back Pain Relief:
   The Ultimate Guide

One Book (on data CD in PDF Format) With Two Instructional Audio CDs Teaching Over One Hundred Physical, Mental and Nutritional Means of Pain Relief.

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Learn More Than 100 Natural, Drug-Free Methods to Relieve Back Pain!

Physical, mental and nutritional means of natural back pain relief without drugs or side effects include:


Deep Breathing

Body Relaxation

Positive Thinking



Connecting with Others




Mind Machines

Gentle Workout

Strengthening Exercises





Pain Relief Postures

Yoga and Tai Chi



Energy Work

Baths and Compresses

Salves and Ointments




Electrical Stimulation

Uncontracting Muscles

Vitamins and Minerals

Herbs and Amino Acids

And more...

All available in a comprehensive pain management program, in Back Pain Relief: The Ultimate Guide, a paperback book and 2 audio CDs by Robert H. Miller & Christine A. Opie

Foreword by Dr. William Brose, Founder and Former Director of the Stanford University Pain Management Center

Just $30.00, including shipping


This 304-page book and two-audio CD package teaches you through written and audio instruction more than 100 of the latest physical, mental and nutritional means of pain relief. Many of these methods bring immediate relief.

Back Pain Relief: The Ultimate Guide is the only book on the market that includes audio CDs to coach you as you learn and practice these effective new pain relief methods.

The book includes three separate programs to choose from to fit the pain relief methods to your lifestyle. Each program requires you to set goals in certain areas and includes convenient forms on which you can check off the goals you accomplish every day.




With a Comprehensive System of Back Pain Management, You Can Reduce Or Totally Relieve Your Pain, Control Flare-ups and Resume Normal Life

Chronic back pain not only hurts, it can prevent you from participating in enjoyable everyday activities and affect your ability to earn a living. Chances are you and your doctor only know about a limited number of methods for controlling your back pain.

The good news is that apart from drugs, risky surgery, physical therapy, there are actually more than 100 ways to cut your back pain down to size. Best of all, a comprehensive system of back pain management gives you the ability to decrease the severity of your back pain, reduce the number of pain episodes and in many cases, eliminate back pain from your life.

My name is Robert H. Miller, and I’m a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, whose life once nearly ground to a halt because of unrelenting and debilitating back pain. After an intensive, multifaceted program of pain management therapy at Stanford University Pain Management Center, I got my life back. I then embarked on over 600 hours of study of holistic healing, alternative medicine, massage and movement therapies to learn how to help others suffering from chronic back pain.

What is chronic pain?

It’s important to understand the difference between acute and chronic pain, because they play vastly different roles in our life and health.

Acute pain is the kind of sharp pain you experience when you twist an ankle, sprain your back or burn a finger. Although this kind of pain certainly hurts, on the whole the pain is a good thing, because it’s warning you about something wrong with your body. It lasts a relatively short time, and as you rest and allow your body to heal, acute pain generally disappears.

Chronic pain, on the other hand, is continuous pain that does not serve any useful purpose. In most cases, the injury that caused acute pain has healed as much as it is going to heal, and the hurt does not function as a warning signal. Pain that has persisted for more than three to six months would normally be chronic pain. Rest does not improve chronic pain. The persistence of pain causes anxiety, and this anxiety in turn makes the chronic pain worse.

Chronic back pain is the involuntary, habituated contraction of muscles induced by emotional issues, stress and an ongoing reaction to the pain (except where there is a severe physical injury or a documented disease process). The pain is real. But to get rid of this kind of pain, you need a systematic approach. Any medical specialist you go to, other than certified pain management specialist working in a pain clinic, can probably only help you with one of the symptoms that make up the complex pain syndrome you are experiencing.

If you are experiencing long-lasting back pain, make sure you get a medical diagnosis, in order to rule out any serious medical cause of the pain, such as kidney cancer or some other disease. With that taken care of, you’ll get the most relief from a systematic program of mental and physical therapies, such as the program described in my book and audio CDs, Back Pain Relief: The Ultimate Guide.

What is a comprehensive back pain management program?

Using healing techniques from the world of alternative medicine including mind/body awareness, exercise science, specialized movement therapies and Eastern disciplines that predate Western medicine, it’s possible to undo the involuntary, habituated contraction of your muscles, release your stress and anxiety, and return to the level of activity you experienced before back pain began to dominate your life.

The components of this kind of comprehensive program include:

Mental Means of Pain Relief. Please understand that being able to reduce or eliminate pain using your mind doesn’t mean that the pain is “all in your head.” Pain is a physical reality. However, because pain signals travel through the central nervous system, you can disrupt or shut down a pain signal using your mind.

Controlled scientific studies have confirmed that mental methods such as positive thinking, deep breathing, self-hypnosis, humor, listening to music, meditation and prayer do actually relieve pain. In addition, it helps to recognize and resolve the things in your life that provoke stress.

Physical Means of Pain Relief. Certain bodily sensations, such as touch, warmth, cold or vibration, can inhibit the transmission of pain signals. Ice, heat, massage, vibration, electrical stimulation and topical salves all fit into that category.

Exercise also helps to block pain signals by distracting the mind, strengthening weak muscles, stretching contracted muscles and releasing the body’s natural painkillers, called endorphins. In addition, Eastern healing techniques can improve the circulation and balance of your body’s life energy, or “chi.”


Nutritional Means of Pain Relief. Alleviating deficiencies of important vitamins, minerals and amino acids can facilitate relief from pain. Any comprehensive pain management program also includes paying attention to healthy eating and heading toward your ideal weight, since losing extra pounds relieves pressure on your back.

New Routines. In order for a systematic pain management program to yield results, you’ll need to develop new habits in the above areas. Setting and accomplishing goals enable you to establish a healing routine.

Methods to Control Flare-ups. Pain flare-ups are frustrating and frightening, so it’s important to know which methods of pain control provide fast, effective relief. Noticing your individual responses to the various methods you try will point the way toward your own unique flare-up control plan. This in itself helps reduce the anxiety and pain in such a crisis.

One of the best, quickest tools I have found for fast back pain relief during a flare-up is the Thermotex infrared heating pad. Learn more about Thermotex heating pads.


Alternative medicine methods of back pain relief help most with chronic back pain, but can also be useful for those suffering from acute back pain who use these methods along with medical diagnosis and treatment.

Where can you find a comprehensive back pain management program?

Many major medical centers, such as the one at Stanford University, offer a comprehensive pain management program. But if you live far away from such a center, don’t have insurance coverage for a program like that or prefer to get started mastering your back pain on your own, my easy-to-follow book and audio CD combination product, Back Pain Relief: The Ultimate Guide, will put you on the road to relief – at a very reasonable cost.

Of course you should get clearance from your physician before embarking on the program, but keep in mind that many of the healing techniques have been scientifically demonstrated to relieve pain. With the book and audio CDs, you have the life-changing tools to become a proactive partner with your physician to access body’s natural healing intelligence.

View the Table of Contents of the book.

View the Table of Contents of the two audio CDs.


“This book will serve anyone embarking on a program of self-care and effective management of the overwhelmingly difficult problem of chronic low back pain... It is written clearly and should serve as a good overview as well as opening new possibilities for the seasoned pain sufferer...A much-needed addition in the library of any pain management center, medical facility, or in the collection of any chronic pain sufferer.” - Dr. Melvin R. Friedman, D.O. (Osteopathic Physician)
Read the foreword to the book by Dr. William Brose, Founder and Former Director of the Stanford Pain Management Center.

View more comments of medical professionals

My postal mail and e mail have brought me thanks from people who used the program in my book and CDs to relieve their pain and resume normal life. For instance, R.H., from Tulsa, OK, wrote me, “Prior to receipt of your book, I was only able to walk less than 100 feet without severe back and leg pain. After adopting the warm-up and stretching program in the book, I am now able to walk a half a mile with no pain.”

D.P. from Alexandria, VA, wrote, “The holistic approach makes a lot of sense for those like me who had severe back and leg pain. The information and techniques I was able to learn from the book has enabled me to successfully manage my pain and reduce it by 95%. Thanks again.”

View more reader comments.

The book provides a thorough introduction to more than 100 mental and physical means of relieving back pain. Each chapter explains clearly what that pain relief method is, why it works and wherever possible, step by step instructions for how to do or use it. The audio CDs provide actual instructions or scripts for many of the techniques described in summary form in the book. Just listen to the soothing voice of the narrator and follow along.

Together, the book and CDs provide a systematic plan for you to follow to relieve your pain, guidelines for creating your individualized pain management routine and
worksheets for you to keep track of your progress. This exclusive, practical back pain relief program is not available any place else than this web site.

Together, they cost only $30.00 including shipping. (California residents must add the applicable sales tax.) Best of all, your purchase is covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you read the book, listen to the CDs and don’t find that their techniques make a marked difference in your quality of life, simply send the material back in resalable condition and I’ll refund what you paid for the book and audio CDs.

I was tempted to close by saying that with this money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose by ordering. But that’s not true. If you’ve read this far, you have a lot to lose – namely, your back pain. For the most part, I lost mine, and so did many of my readers.

So do your back a favor. Become a master of pain instead of a victim – order today!
Order Back Pain Relief: The Ultimate Guide Now

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Back Pain Relief: The Ultimate Guide is a 304 page book and 2 audio CD package based upon co-author Robert Miller's treatment for chronic back pain at the Stanford University Pain Management Center and his over 600 hours of formal education in holistic health, alternative medicine, massage and movement modalities. Mr. Miller is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor. This book-CD package contains both written and audio instructions for learning over 100 physical, mental and nutritional means of pain relief. By utilizing any of the three recommended programs the reader may become the master of back pain and learn the latest techniques in pain management.

The book's pain relief techniques and programs have significantly reduced or successfully resolved back pain in previous readers. Click here to read statements of previous readers who have benefited from the book & 2 audio CD package.

Back Pain Relief: The Ultimate Guide, a book and two-audio CD package, will teach you more than 100 of the latest physical, mental, and nutritional means of pain relief. Many of these may bring immediate relief. Most of these techniques may not be known or practiced by your doctors. This easy-to-understand book is the only one on the market with audio CDs to coach you as you learn and practice these new pain relief methods.

Back Pain Relief: The Ultimate Guide was selected as an alternate selection for the One Spirit Book Club, a subsidiary of Book of the Month Club.


Take Action Today - Order the Book CD Package
You will be receiving one of the best back pain relief instructional materials on the market today.
Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.
You have nothing to lose but your pain.

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